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Silent Film with Live Harp Accompaniment

The forerunner of generations of magical, effect laden, fantasy epics, The Thief of Bagdad (1924) is a flamboyant roller-coaster of a swashbuckler complete with flying carpets, winged horses, mermaids and enchanted forests. The effects are stunning, the art deco sets are glorious and Douglas Fairbanks is unforgettable as the eponymous hero swindling, fighting and leaping his way to true love.

Our Chagford screening features the première of a new harp score composed and performed by Elizabeth-Jane Baldry.

Wine will be available before and after the film.


Elizabeth-Jane Baldry is a concert harpist and composer as well as volunteer head girl for Chagford Filmmaking Group.


Bagdad Flyer

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Photos by Brian Skilton, Sketches and CFG logo by Rima Staines, Website designed by Elizabeth-Jane Baldry